1. Choosing the Right Material

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when choosing the belting material for your application:
 * Temperature Range – Our ptfe fabrics have the capabilities of withstanding -70°C- +260°C constant operating temperatures.
 * Pliability – If the material is to track around pulleys that drive the belt, the diameter of the pulley is critical. The smaller the roller the more flexible the belt must be. Vichen’s thinner materials (0.010” and under) are more pliant than the heavier coated fabrics.
 * Release Qualities – The surface finishes of our materials range from a rough, semi-porous finish to a super smooth surface. The release or fabric impression results desired will be a determining factor.
 * Strength – Options to be considered are breaking, tensile and tear strength. How much of a load the belt carries, how fast it moves and how tightly it will be tensioned all must be considered.

Fabric Grades

Pls refer to PTFE fabric products colomn

Fabrication Options
Learn more about the many options available for constructing your Vichen conveyor belt.

Metalli Splices

Clipper Splice

    stainless steel clipper splices. These splices are the most durable and are the easiest to use. Belts utilizing clipper and alligator splices can be installed without taking machinery apart. A coverflap can be added to reduce heat transfer to your material.
Non-Metallic Splices

Smartloop Splice
    Smartloop splices are an ideal choice when metallic splices cannot be used. Either a peek splice or a smartloop splice should be chosen when maximum airflow is desired.

Butt Splice
     The ends of the belt are butted together and joined by sealing a strip of reinforcing fabric under the butted ends. Butt splices provide the smoothest belt surface at the joint and eliminate the step-down surface which is characteristic of the overlap splice.

TFE-Film Edge, Heat-Sealed
    TFE film edges are heat-sealed to the top and bottom of the edges of the belt for a 1/2" or 1" (standard) 
surface. The TFE film is available in 3 mil, black or clear, or 10 mil tan (1" surface only).

Fabric Edge, Sewn & Sealed
     For extra reinforcement, our six mil heat-sealed fabric edge can also be sewn if desired. This reinforcement is commonly used on open mesh belting...

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