What is good BBQ grill mat

Grill mats are placed directly on BBQ grill grates to prevent the common problems associated with grilling: less than stellar cleanliness, sticking of delicate foods including fish and the inability to grill smaller items which can fall through the cracks.

 Unfortunately with barbeque grill mats, some consumers have gotten poor results due to the flimsiness of existing products.“All too often with these TV promoted products, you discover an excellent concept but poor execution, as is the case here" According to a home products seller.

PTFE coated fiberglass is not a new material. It has been used for many years to insulate against heat transfer and protect common industrial components. It is also well known for slip resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance and is approved by the FDA for food contact.

The difference with a BBQ grill mat from their industrial counterparts is heat transfer which is required for grilling mats to cook. Blocking the heat would make a poor cooking surface and be detrimental to the grilling process. Therefore the grill mats have to be thin enough to allow heat to transfer, yet be durable enough to last a long time, as advertised. Maintaining the inherent non-stick properties for the long term is vital for the success of the product.

Consumers who have a tendency to leave these thinner mats on the grill and not move them around frequently tend to have a better experience than users who move the item back into the home, according to many comments in the review section on

The right and best thickness is 0.23mm around. below 0.2mm or above 0.25mm is not good.

 But even more important than the thickness of the fabric is the quantity of PTFE applied.V.C bbq grill mat contains an industry leading 60% PTFE. Theoretically, its usage life-span can be garanteed at 10years, which is that kind of off-spec. BBQ grill mat can't compete. 

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