Non Stick Oven Liner


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Type: Oven Parts 
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) 
Brand Name: Ruida 
Model Number: RD9008, RD9013, RD9025

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: baking sheet is packed by plastic bag, carton, pallet
Delivery Detail: 3-10 days after baking sheet ready

Oven Liner 

Teflon oven liner 
Non-stick ,easy to wash 
high-temp resistant :-70~260 centigra 

Teflon oven liner 
1.GSG,FDA Certificate 
2.. Non-stick ,easy to wash 
3. high-temp resistant :-70~260 centigrade 
4. Non-toxic

Xingjie Teflon grills choose kinds of imported fiberglass fabric, coated with imported PTFE by special process. It is a new complex product with high capability and various of usage.
 1.Hardly to adhere any material. It is easy to wash away the blot or other dust such as resin, coating material, could be used oven and over again.
 2.Proofing the oil flow to the bottom of oven when being roasted.
 3.Large range of temperature resisting ,groovy temperature resistant is -70~260°C.
 4.It could be used safely in the dishwasher ,innocuous ,and could be contacted the food ,with antisepsis function.
1.Used for food pyrogenation
  1) Use the scissors to cut the grill to the requested size and shape;
  2) Put on the boiler, tray of other container;
  3) Put the food on the grill;
  4) After the food baking deeply, waiting it refrigeration and getting it out, washing it with water;
  5) The grill could be used over and over again.
2. Used as cushion of oven
  Electronic oven -put on the bottom of nethermost grill of the electronic oven;
  Steam oven-put on the nethermost grill but not the bottom of the oven;
  Used as pre-process façade for its characteristic of resisting viscidity, and it could be used as table-board making paste.
Main specification:
  1.XJ9008,0.08mm brown or black grill;
  2.XJ9013,0.13mm brown or black grill;
  3.XJ9008,0.08mm,advanced black-grey grill;
  4.XJ9013,0.13mm,advanced black-grey grill;
  5.Mesh size: 1*1mm, 2*2mm,4*4mm,10*10,etc.


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