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Type: Baking Dishes & Pans Color: brown, black

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Packaging Details: plastic bag, carton, pallet
Delivery Detail: 3-10days

1. nonstick, easy cleaning, re-usable; 
2. chemical resistance; 
3. high temperature resistance; 
4. FDA certificate 

PTFE(Teflon) baking liner, also named oven liner, cooking liner, baking sheet, baking foil etc.
PTFE(Teflon) oven liner s features: baking tray liner
   1. PTFE-fiberglass; nonstick coating on both sides prevent sticking without oils, grease, sprays or butter, easy cleaning, re-usable.     
   2. Prevents spills and debris accumulation in toaster oven; can be cut to fit any size
   3. good temperature durability, from –70-260°C, maximum to 380
   4. dishwasher-safe and safe for contact food, chemical resistance etc.
PTFE(Teflon) oven liner s applications: baking tray liner
   1. used as cooking sheets in pan
   2. put it onto bottom of a oven, as a oven liner or oven foil
   3. put it into toaster, as toaster liner or toaster bag
   4. used a microwave hot liner etc.
PTFE(Teflon) oven liner specifications:
   1. RD9008AJ, brown color 0.08mm
   2. RD9013AJ, brown color 0.13mm
   3. RD9008SY, premium grade in silver grey color, 0.08mm
   4. RD9013SY, premium grade in silver grey color, 0.13mm

Other thickness like 0.18mm, 0.25mm are also available.

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