non-stick ptfe baking paper


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baking sheet  baking paper Specifications

1. nonstick, easy cleaning, re-usable; 
2. chemical resistance; 
3. high temperature resistance; 
4. FDA certificate

PTFE(Teflon) baking paper also named oven liner, cooking liner, baking sheet, baking foil etc.

PTFE(Teflon)  baking paper  features:

   1. PTFE-fiberglass; nonstick coating on both sides prevent sticking without oils, grease, sprays or butter, easy cleaning, re-usable.     

   2. Prevents spills and debris accumulation in toaster oven; can be cut to fit any size

   3. good temperature durability, from –70-260°C, maximum to 380

   4. dishwasher-safe and safe for contact food, chemical resistance etc.

PTFE(Teflon)  baking paper  applications

   1. used as cooking sheets in pan

   2. put it onto bottom of a oven, as a oven liner or oven foil

   3. put it into toaster, as toaster liner or toaster bag

   4. used a microwave hot liner etc.

About us:

Jiangsu Ruida Electronic Materials Co., Ltd,affiliated to VK industry,is a professional manufacturer, committing to finishing and coating of advanced fabrics like Glass, Kevlar, Nomex with fluoropolymers. 

With help of advanced machinery and equipment from weaving, dipping to coating and further processing, together with our coating expertise and fabrication experience, Ruida designs, manufactures and markets PTFE and silicone-coated fabrics and belting, along with an extensive line of pressure sensitive tapes for use in diverse industrial applications worldwide..

Our engineers conduct research and development activities regularly and

gives emphasis to the development of ways to manufacture more efficiently which help reduce costs, improve quality and match individual requirements.

The main series of our products are: PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, PTFE

open mesh belts, PTFE adhesive tapes, PTFE fusing belts & seamless belts, PTFE coated Kevlar fabric & mesh, Silicone coated fiberglass fabric etc.

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